Support Karien

Karien (32) is fighting a terrible disease called MS. She has the atypical version called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerose (PPMS) in which her health declines gradually over time. This already made her in the need of a wheelchair. Giving up is not an option. Karien would like to see her 2-years old son Alexander to raise up. She would also like to grow old with her husband Johan.

There are no current treatments or effective medicines for the version of MS she is carrying. That’s why she will travel to Moscow for a Stem Cell Transplant Treatment called HSCT. This will be her last hope for maintaining the current quality of life. Although being insured, the Dutch healthcare insurance companies will cover for the treatment. This will set her back for €60,000. The non-profit organization ‘Wij stoppen MS voor’ (‘We’re stopping MS for’) is trying to raise the funds needed for this treatment. Would you like to help? Please use the ‘Donate now’ button.